Inspired by the success of the Comets the French Caudron company produced the C-640 Typhon in 1935. This was very similar to the Comet but had a slightly wider fuselage. The Typhon was bigger than the Comet. It had 2 meters more in length and 1,5 meters more n span. 

The aircraft was intended as a fast mail carrier. In all eight C-640's were built for the French Air Ministry. A lengthy certification process however meant that interest waned before the aircraft could be put into service.

In 1937 four of the Typhons were delivered to the armée de l'Air.




In 1937 two Typhons, numbers 5 and 8, were modified with a different cockpit lay-out and renamed C-641. F-AODR was names "Louis Bleriot" and used for various record attempts.

F-AODU was sold to Romania as the personal transport of Prince Bibesco.







Various efforts were made to interest the Armee de l'Air in the Typhon. In 1935 the sixth Typhon, which was not yet finished was modified as a three seat heavy fighter and named C-670, It was entered in the C3 fighter competition but was not chosen for production.

As no official interest was forthcoming the aircraft was dismantled in 1938.




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