There have only been a small number of scale models in plastic or resin of the Comet over the years. Only two are currently readily available, the Akatombo 1/48 kit and the Marsh models 1/32 kit. Older kits can sometimes be found on eBay, the Airfix and Frog kits being the most frequent ones.


Airfix 1/72 (Injected)

First issued in 1957, this is kit was reissued a number of times, the last time a number of years ago. At present it is unavailable from Airfix direct but can easily be found on the internet.

The quality of the kit is low. The moulds show their age with a lot of filler needed to get a good fit.

Originally moulded in red plastic the kit was reissued a few years ago in a soft light gray. There is no cockpit interior. The cockpit is moulded closed with two "heads" moulded on.





Airfix blister signed by artist Roy Cross 


Heritage Aviation reboxed the Airfix Comet with decals by Whirlybird


Frog / Air Lines / Novo 1/72 (Injected)

Issued a few years later than the Airfix kit, in 1965 by Frog, this kit was also issued in the US under the "Air Lines" label. After the demise of Frog the kit was later reissued by Novo. The original issue was of G-ACSS but the later the kit was also sold with decals for Black Magic. This version of the kit also enabled the builder to model the "RAF Comet" K-5084.










Unknown Manufacture 1/72 (Injected)

Included as a gift with Kellogs cerials this snap tite kit of the Comet includes no clear parts. The canopy is moulded as a kind of bird cage. The kit includes self adhesive stickers for Grosvenour House, printed in black(!) on a clear film.






P.B. Castings / Resitech / Ardvark Models / Heritage Aviation 1/48 (Resin)

This kit was first released by P.B. Castings, later by Aardvark models and is now available from Heritage Aviation. The kit contains 6 resin parts for the fuselage and wings vacuform canopy and undercarriage doors and white metal undercarriage and propellers. The Aardvark kit was sold without decals but the Heritage version is supplied with Whirlybird decals for Black Magic.





Akatombo 1/48 (Resin)

Contrary to the Heritage kit this kit has all parts supplied in resin. The fuselage shows recessed panel lines (???). The structure of the kit is more complex than the Heritage one. Instructions are in Japanese. The kit can be bought with decals for Grosvenour House or Black Magic.




Marsh Models 1/32 (Resin)

Multimedia kit in 1/32. As it is unfortunately beyond my modeling budget I can't comment as to it's quality.

Kirin 1/144

This Japanese kit is very simple and comes with pre-painted parts in an "original" blue scheme.

Last updated: 16/04/2011