G-ACSR was piloted by Owen Cathcart-Jones and Ken Waller in the Melbourne race. It arrived third in Melbourne and left at once for the return flight to England carrying news reels and photographs. 

In December 1934 the same aircraft, now named Reine Astrid left from Brussels to Leopoldville in the Congo carrying the Christmas mail.

In 1935 it was sold to the French government and received the French registration F-ANPY. At some time during its stay in France it was given the name "Cité d'Angoulême IV".

In French hands it made some record flights to the French colonies in Africa. The French added some new equipment and an electric generator in the nose of the aircraft driven by a small propeller. This propeller was later removed and replaced by a very pointed solid nose.

Also, like F-ANPZ it was givin French military markings and codes E-108.

Some sources claim that F-ANPY was lost in a fire at Istres air force base in 1940 but others contest that claim and say that the aircraft was still at Istres when the Germand arrived but was in bad shape.

For a further history of the French Comets, see the entry on F-ANPZ.


































G-ACSR Replica
In the UK work is progressing on a G-ACSR replica. Progress can be folowwed on Facebook on: the Comet Racer Project



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