This was the second Comet bought by the French government. Upon arrival in France it was first tested by the Armee de l'Air (French Air Force) just like G-ACSS was tested by the RAF. For these military tests the aircraft was given a military code number which ended in "09". Some sources say that the complete code was "E-109" but that remains unconfirmed.

The French intended to use the Comets as fast mail carriers to their colonies but apart from  a few proving flights, nothing became of this. For this comparitative tests were conducted with the Caudron C-640. The lack of carrying capacity (max 20kg) made it unsuitable for mail flights.

Some sources say that both Comets were destroyed at a fire at Istres in June 1940. Other sources say that F-ANPZ crashed in 1939 over Kenya. Pictures show however, both Comets in a run down state in the hangar at Istres at an unknown date.

Both French Comets were painted bright red during their career.






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